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Program for Children and Youth Experiencing Violence

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PEACE Program for Children and Youth Experiencing staff work to deliver the following services to children and youth under the age of 19 years who have been impacted by violence and who live in the North Thompson from McLure to Blue River:

  • Sensitive, respectful, professional, accountable assessment, treatment and follow-up services for child/youth victims
  • Support and consultation for custodial  parent(s), caregivers and siblings
  • A collaborative, team approach involving the therapist, RCMP, social workers, teachers, child care workers and other co-helpers, custodial  parent(s) and caregivers


  • To teach children safety, boundaries, and assertive communication, including refusal skills
  • To provide a number of direct and indirect specialized services to children and youth who have witnessed abuse of their primary caregivers and families as appropriate, school personnel, and to relevant others in the day-to-day environment of the child or youth
  • To address gaps in service delivery and encourage coordination and consolidation of services
  • To work cooperatively with other agencies to assist in the development of a comprehensive range of services in the North Thompson Valley.

YCS counselling and support services are free of charge. No referral is necessary. 

To book an appointment with a PEACE counsellor in Clearwater, Phil Janicki or Naomi Capostinsky, contact 250 674-2600. To book an appointment with the PEACE counsellor in Barriere, Shawn McNabb, contact 250 672-9773.

The PEACE program is funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division.