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Tweens Out of School Camp

Our Tweens Out of School Camp is part of Riverside Child Care programming. It is the perfect place for elementary aged school children to spend the day during school vacations or professional development days when parents need child care. We offer full and part time places.

We want our children to experience a fun and happy environment that reflects the joys of summer vacation. Each day is jam packed with fun activities and craft and science experiments. We encourage children to bring their own ideas, enthusiasm and a willingness to  try new ideas. We welcome guest speakers to our program, participate in field trips and visit other neighbourhood groups. Each day, weather permitting, we venture onto the slip and slide hill, water play is a big feature of our programme. However, we understand that each is unique, and enjoys different activities. Participation is completely optional and we follow a child’s lead as to their own comfort levels. We also understand that children need down time and if a child chooses to play quietly by themselves, we make every effort to facilitate that.

Parents will be able to see a schedule ahead of time so they know what their children will be experiencing and which team members will be working on a day to day basis.

All our staff are trained and certified in accordance with Interior Health Authority (IHA) licensing  requirements. Our COVID-19 protocols are guided by IHA and programming has been adapted to ensure maximum possible safety.

Help with fees is available through the MCFD Affordable Child Care Benefit. Please speak with the program manager, Denise Boden, for more information. We advise parents to apply for the benefit well in advance as processing can take up to 6 weeks and fees must be paid for children to attend.

Hours of Operation:

Tweens Camp hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:30pm, July and August (with the exception of the two weeks August summer closure 

Tweens Summer Camp is offered this year through July 5 to August 31

Click on below schedules for more information on each month

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July 2021                           August 2021

NOTE: Camp is closed for two weeks during August 2nd-13th. No child care is available during these two weeks.


Our fees are based on the number of contracted days a child attends each month. Riverside Child Care participates in the BC Provincial Givernment Fee Reduction Initiative (FRI) which reduces parental fees according to the childs age up to a maximum of 20 days per month. Please contact program manager for more information.

See Licenced Child Care Home Page for registration forms.

Affordable Child Care Benefit:

Affordable Child Care Benefit is a Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) program that helps with payment of child care fees for families who qualify. Please ask program manager or visit the MCFD website for more information:

Tweens Out of School Camp Staff



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    Program Manager Contact: Denise Boden

     Dutch Lake Community Centre - 209 Dutch Lake Road

     Cell: 778 208.7027


     Main Office - 612 Park Drive, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1

     PH: 250.674.2600

*Places for your child will not be reserved until you have spoken with program manager.