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Lending Cupboard

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The Lending Cupboard is a free to use lending library of food preservation equipment and supplies such as:

  • Hot water bath canners
  • Funnels, jar lifters, tongs
  • Canning jars
  • Dehydrator
  • Food mill
  • Food grinder
  • Cherry pitter
  • Steam juicer

We also welcome donations of equipment. On our wish list:

  • Pressure canner
  • Vacuum bag sealer
  • Magnetic lid lifters
  • Current recipe books for preserves
  • Sprouting equipment
  • Candy thermometers
  • Jelly bags

As support and interest in this program increase, we may expand in future to include gardening & farming tools, equipment and supplies.

Please contact Joanna Hurst at 250-674-3530 or to make a request, donation or for more information.