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Building Blocks Daycare, Clearwater

kkkk.JPGBuilding Blocks Daycare is a licensed group care facility with 24 places for children aged between two months and 5 years old. Our child care philosophy is a holistic one where each child is seen as an individual and the care each child receives is tailored to meet their needs.

Our team of dedicated and qualified staff provide a secure and loving atmosphere where children can relax, grow and express themselves while away from their parents.  Lots of our time is spent on the floor playing with the children, helping children problem solve, compromise, develop their imagination and sense of self, take turns and gain confidence in a social setting. Staff place much emphasis on positive engagement with children as this is a great way to learn.

Children in our Big Bear Room (group care 36 months plus) follow a loosely struct2019-web1.jpgured routine allowing for independent choice and individual learning opportunities. The day is interspersed with staff led activities such as circle time, craft and games. Children are encouraged to take part in all activities and share their ideas, bringing their own flair to our group. We incorporate basic literacy, math and science activities in a play fashion, encouraging our learners to discover the world about them in a most natural way and at their own level.

Each day our children play outside in our wonderful yard. We have many natural resources such as tree furniture, sand and gravel areas, climbing apparatus, water play, ride on toys and our very own garden in which the children grow their own produce for snack during spring and summer.

Our infants and toddlers have a large room in which to play with our caring and nurturing staff. We aim to provide an atmosphere where the children are able to explore and learn through a hands on approach yet in the safety of a well supervised environment. Staff adjust the dIMG_4657-crop.JPGay to meet individual children’s needs, allowing children to eat when they are hungry and rest when they are tired. We have a separate bedroom for children so that they may sleep uninterrupted.   

In order to get to know each child and provide quality care we value and rely on parent input regarding their child and make time to touch base with families regularly. Little Bears take home a note detailing the main points of their day for parent’s information.2019-web.jpgOur ‘home away from home’ environment in both our Big and Little Bear rooms helps children feel welcomed, comfortable and stimulated during the time they spend with us.                          

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm

Closed on statutory holidays, two weeks in August and over the Christmas and New Year period.


Our fees are based on the number of contracted days a child attends each month. Building Blocks Day Care participates in the BC Provincial Givernment Fee Reduction Initiative (FRI) which reduces parental fees according to the childs age up to a maximum of 20 days per month.

Children aged 37 months to school age 
full session: $38.25 ($33.25 after FRI)

Children aged 36 months and under  
full session: $47.00 ($29.50 after FRI)  

Affordable Child Care Benefit:

Affordable Child Care Benefit is a Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) program that helps with payment of child care fees for families who qualify. Please ask program manager or visit the MCFD website for more information:

                             Building Blocks Daycare Staff

         Kim Bridge, ECE Kayla Fowler, ECE Assistant Marine Schaller, ECE Shelby web.jpg

                     Kim                        Kayla                          Marine                      Shelby

         Keli Bjorkman, ECE & Program Manager  Erin Douglas, ECE Assistant  Stacey Hedman, ECE

                       Keli                           Erin                        Stacey                      Denise


        Contact: Susanne Butcher, Program Manager

                      T. 250.674.2600 ext. 227

                          Text: 778 208.9104

              612 Park Drive, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1

      Handbook, registration form, parent agreement


*Places for your child will not be reserved until you have spoken with program manager.