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Home Share

Home Share is a residential option for adults with developmental disabilities where an individual moves into and shares a home with another individual, couple or family and receives additional support when requested/needed. Areas of support may include assistance with self-care, relationship building, meal preparation, enhancing life skills and assistance accessing community resources and services.   There are many different models of home sharing.  In some situations, home sharing involves close relationships where individuals living together share not only their homes, but their lives.  In other situations, individuals lead more independent lives and may come together only at specific times or for specific purposes.

Home Share provides full-time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week support to the individual residing in the home.

Referrals into the program come from Community Living BC.  When an individual is identified as wanting or needing a home share arrangement, the agency will look for a match from existing pre-approved homes.  If there is not an appropriate match, the agency will make every effort to recruit a suitable home share arrangement. The Program manager will remain in contact with CLBC with regards to progress and CLBC may choose to approach other agencies to look for a suitable home share arrangement. 

For more information about becoming a Home Share Provider or Home Sharing as a residential option for an adult with a developmental disability, please contact program manager, Alysha Piva at 250 674-2600.

Outcome Measurement Reports for our programs are available for you to down load and read. Annual Home Share Report